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Orwell Garden Office 1. Orwell Garden Office
Price : £ 10,567.95
MidiSpace Garden Office 2. MidiSpace Garden Office
Price : £ 16,912.95
VariSpace Garden Office 3. VariSpace Garden Office
Price : £ 19,732.95
Homespace Waveney Garden Office 4. Homespace Waveney Garden Office
Price : £ 10,567.95
Vista Garden Office 5. Vista Garden Office
Price : £ 9,862.96
Standard Home Office 6. Standard Home Office
Price : £ 8,875.95

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Henley Home Offices

Henley Offices - a superb range of purpose built home offices in a choice of stylish designs with the option of colour and accessories such as carpet, window blinds and desk choices.  These fantastic home and garden offices are installed by a team of dedicated specially trained fitters who can erect your office in just a few hours as standard.  Your Henley home office will be ready to move in to and work from within approximately 6 weeks from the time of order.

We are very pleased to become Agents for these well respected range of garden and home offices and we welcome visitors to come and see the quality and finish of the show office we have on display here which is the Henley Homespace "Orwell".  We have samples of the window blinds and carpets and cross sections of the building to show the internal construction and insulation to satisfy you that you are buying a quality purpose built building.  Henley Offices pride themselves on the quality of their buildings, the professional installation service and excellent after sales customer services.  You will be able to set up your home office with the minimum amount of disruption to yourselves and enjoy many years of use (the actual design life is more than 20 years) whatever the weather.


  • Purpose built office, the design aids construction where access to the garden is limited, all parts will fit through a conventional door or gateway
  • High residual value - adds significant value to your home.
  • Range of options to customise your home office
  • Affordable, long lasting, comfortable and suitable for all year round use
  • Fully installed by a professional dedicated team of fitters, ready for you to move into and start work
  • Rarely any need for planning permission
  • Rigidity of design and precision manufacturing combine to ensure your Henley office is able to endure the very worst of the British climate
  • All windows feature sealed-unit double glazing and doors are household quality
  • Heavily insulated walls, ceilings and floors
  • 5 year manufacturer's guarantee

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Standard Home Office
Standard Home Office
Henley Compact Standard garden office 3.2x2m (10'6"x6'8") fully insulated and installed. Unique styling.
FREE Delivery 5-6 Weeks
MSSP : £ 9,763.55 ,
Our Price : £ 8,875.95 , save £887
Vista Garden Office
Vista Garden Office
Henley Compact Vista garden office 3.2x2m (10'6"x6'8") fully insulated and installed. Complete with carpet.
FREE Delivery 5-6 Weeks
MSSP : £ 10,849.25 ,
Our Price : £ 9,862.96 , save £986
Liberty Home Office
Liberty Home Office
Henley Compact Liberty garden office 3.2x2m (10'6"x6'8") fully insulated and installed. Single door on front elevation.
FREE Delivery 5-6 Weeks
MSSP : £ 11,012.10 ,
Our Price : £ 10,011.00 , save £1001
Homespace Waveney Garden Office
Homespace Waveney Garden Office
Henley Homespace Waveney garden office 3.2x2m (10'6"x6'8") fully insulated with modern styling and installed.
FREE Delivery 5-6 Weeks
MSSP : £ 11,624.75 ,
Our Price : £ 10,567.95 , save £1056
Orwell Garden Office
Orwell Garden Office
Henley Homespace Orwell garden office 3.2x2m (10'6"x6'8") modern stlying, fully insulated and installed.
FREE Delivery 5-6 Weeks
MSSP : £ 11,624.75 ,
Our Price : £ 10,567.95 , save £1056
MidiSpace Garden Office
MidiSpace Garden Office
Henley MidiSpace garden office 3.8x3m (12'6"x9'10") fully insulated and installed. A larger home office with 12 sq meters (approx 161 sq feet) of space.
FREE Delivery 5-6 Weeks
MSSP : £ 18,604.25 ,
Our Price : £ 16,912.95 , save £1691
VariSpace Garden Office
VariSpace Garden Office
Henley VariSpace garden office 5x3m (12'5"x9'10") fully insulated and installed. A massive 15 sq meters (approx 129 sq feet) of home office space.
FREE Delivery 5-6 Weeks
MSSP : £ 21,706.25 ,
Our Price : £ 19,732.95 , save £1973

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Testimonials: Customers Comments
Our Yardsaver shed is excellent. it looks very nice, has a high quality feel to it and smells nice too! The first attempt to deliver it happened whilst we were away, last Friday (as predicted!). It was then redelivered on Monday. It was quite easy to erect - made a lot easier by the screws being part-drilled in the relevant places and by the very accurate and good quality joinery work that had been done to enable it to all to slot together. The labelling of the sections and brief instructions were also very useful. It certainly takes two fairly strong people to erect the shed. The roof is the main challenge as it has to be lifted so high - and it's not light. Despite this, it was about 2 hours work to put it up. I will take some digital pictures of the shed when the sun comes out again - haven't seen it for a while in Oxford - and will forward them to you by e-mail.

Your service has been faultless and very efficient! Thank you very much for all your help
  Rosemarie Hutch

I found the product less expensive than other retailers taking into consideration postage costs. They were very efficient and I would certainly try them again in the future. Well done!
  Shopping.com Review

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