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Log Cabin Wood Treatment and Accessories

Log Cabin Wood Treatment

Here at Taylors Garden Buildings we offer a brilliant range of wood treatments for your summerhouse, Log Cabin, Wooden Shed or even your Garage. The Wood Treatment is perfect for bringing the life back into your garden building, with its new fresh paint job.

The Wood Treatment is a superb product which protects your building from damaged caused by insects, moisture and decay fungi. The Treatment is also designed to enhance the look and style of your garden building.

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Fence & Shed Stain 5 Litres
Fence & Shed Stain 5 Litres
A Fence & Shed is the ideal solution which creates a hard coating which is water repellent and Crack resistant.
FREE Delivery 5-10 Working Days
MSSP : £ 25.98 ,
Our Price : £ 21.98 , save £4
Barrettine Wood Preserver 5L
Barrettine Wood Preserver 5L
Taylors Garden Buildings offer this 5L Barrettine solvent based wood preserver, deep penetrating wood preserver recommended for internal and external use, bringing new life and colour into your garden and protecting your timber for years to come.
FREE Delivery
MSSP : £ 32.99 ,
Our Price : £ 24.99 , save £8
Protek Wood Protector Colours 5L
Protek Wood Protector Colours 5L
Protek Wood protector with 5 year protection in 29 colours, can be used on any porous material
FREE Delivery 5-10 working days
MSSP : £ 34.98 ,
Our Price : £ 28.98 , save £5
Decking Wood Stain 2.5 Litres
Decking Wood Stain 2.5 Litres
A Wood Stain for timber Decking. The Solution creates a Hard coating which is water repellent and Crack resistant.
FREE Delivery 5-10 working days
MSSP : £ 40.99 ,
Our Price : £ 32.98 , save £8
Protek Clear Tough Coat Wood Protector 5L
Protek Clear Tough Coat Wood Protector 5L
Protek Clear Wood Protector for bare timber or as a top coat gives 5 year timber protection
FREE Delivery 5-10 working days
MSSP : £ 43.98 ,
Our Price : £ 39.98 , save £4
Log Cabin Storm Kit
Log Cabin Storm Kit
The log cabin storm kit comprises of 4 pieces and includes bolts.
If you are building your log cabin in an exposed area it is recommended that you install this log cabin storm kit.
FREE Delivery
MSSP : £ 53.10 ,
Our Price : £ 50.49 , save £2

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Testimonials: Customers Comments
Great - Taylor's contacted me to discuss delivery, very pro-active!
  Shopping.com Review

Hello You might be interested to know that The Lugarde Prima Mark Shed 240x180 unit makes a great indoor or outdoor office - compact but effective for my IT Repair business. Any time I want to move it outside, I can easily dismantle it since I used 2 pins on the roof and a few to fix the flooring but no screws or nails at all. The kit is brilliantly packaged in a hold all with gloves, mastic and all the bits one needs. Also, includes a few spare boards in case of a muck up. The way it was delivered was also amazing. A knock at the door - of my difficult to find house - by a Dutch chap with a fork lift truck and 30 secs later he had delivered it and was packing the foklift away.
  Tony Simpson

just a little note to say (even though very late in the day!). . . . got Summerhouse,erected and awaiting wood preservation treatment. Not had time nor weather yet. Would like to stress, EXTREMELY pleased. Even better than I could have imagined. Especially for the money, am sorely temped to buy another! Graet job. Excellant value for money and my 22 yr old daughter & boyfriend actuallly managed to put it all together without any problems. Thank you.
  susan avey

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