Taylors Observatory Shed incorporating a roll on, roll off roof

Another interesting bespoke project which has proved to be very popular with our local customers and astronomy enthusiasts.These observatories are ideal for the hobbyist requiring a secure building for their equipment with the obvious benefit of a removable roof. We build these the same as all our buildings, completely to the customers requirement.Apex Roof Observatory;The floor was made with a hole in it to enable the telescope to be mounted directly onto a concrete base for added stability. The roof is very light and can be rolled off the observatory shed very easily. It can also be configured as a standard apex shed or as a transverse apex. We have also made it to allow the customer to have it rolling either forward or to the left and right as required according to the night time sky that he is studying.

Pent Roof Observatory with a roll on, roll off roof

This building has a completely removable floor as specified by our customer.  The roof is pictured rolling to the front although can be configured either side as required.