New Colour Options Available!

Some of our most successful lines will soon be available in additional colours!

Our immensely popular Olympian Metal Garages have always been top sellers at Taylors Garden Buildings.  Available in 4 sizes (12 x 20 – 12 x 38) they have always been available in a very attractive emerald green colour, which not only looks pleasing on the eye but also blends in with a vast majority of gardens up and down the UK.

Now, after several years of good sales and positive feedback from our customers, we are happy to announce that these durable structures are going to be available in an anthracite grey colour too!


 These will be going on sale September 29th, watch this space!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hurry, while stocks last!

Two of our popular lines are soon to be no more.

The Trellis Garden Arc

The manufacturer of both the Trellis Garden Arch and the Rustic Raised Bed 0.9m have decided to retire these lines when they sell out. The production of these two great products ceased a few weeks back and the stock that we are offering on Taylors Garden Buildings are the last of their kind.

Numbers are getting very low so if you want one of these great products you had best hurry!

Special offers for September

Our fabulous Lifetime range of sheds continue to be a huge seller for us at Taylors and due to public demand we have decided to continue the offer on these buildings through September.

Lifetime Shed 11 x 21

There are several models on offer and you can save up to £396.00! click here for details

We also have two brand new offers!

Firstly the stylish Artemis Arbour is now available with £20 off of our normal retail price. This Arbour is a long standing line on our website and has always sold well, it has also had great feedback from our customers due in no small part to its great quality and value for money.

Please click here to visit this attractive Arbours page.

The Artemis Arbour – a touch of glamour for your garden!

Our final great new offer is for the Duramax Duramate Shed 8′x6′ which gives you a saving of £46.00 off of its usual retail price. This is an ideal solution to your garden storage needs, is manufactured with quality durable PVC and also features a strong steel frame with supports. It is also fade resistant and fire retardant.

Duramax Duramate Shed 8′ x 6

To see more details on this great item please click either the picture or here.

How to Video’s on YouTube

How to Video’s on YouTube

We have recently just uploaded a range of “How to’s” video to YouTube, so that our customers can have that little helping hand when constructing their purchased products.


To see our channel feel free to click the link below:

Our Video’s:




Autumn Special Offers At Taylors

3 brand new offers begin this week at Taylors, these are running until September 28th and are well worth taking a look at!

First of all we have the “Kensington 7” Horizontal shed – SAVE £50!

The Kensington ‘Seven’ Horizontal Shed is finished in sand with chocolate accents. Manufactured using a quality, durable, UV stable resin and a new and exclusive blow moulding technology, this shed features extra strong double wall panelling.


This model also benefits from a ‘glide top’ sliding lid and double doors, allowing easy walk-in access. Ideal for storage of bikes, outdoor furniture, toys and tools. And with a reinforced floor, the Kensington is also suitable for heavier garden equipment.


Secondly is our “Adlington 1” Storage Shed – SAVE £175.00

The Adlington ‘One’ shallow roof shed measuring 5’6×5’5. Complete with integral floors and stay-dry design this shed provides the ideal storage solution for lawn furniture, garden equipment and tools.


Complete with a 15 year guarantee this shed is maintenance free and with pad lockable doors ensures worry free storage. Constructed using long lasting resin this attractive shed in light taupe is suitable for use in the garden as well as on a deck or patio.


Designed for home assembly.


Last but by no means least is the very elegant “Octagonal Gazebo” – SAVE £245.00!

The Garden Resin Octagonal Gazebo is great for parties and special events. Its classic octagonal design will complement any garden and is low maintenance with a rigid resin construction. The components on this item are precision cut and moulded for ease of assembly.


This gazebo is supplied in classic white with slate grey roof and will require a base, this is not supplied.


Make sure you dont miss out!

Taylors Garden Buildings Directory of Terminology Part 2

Following on from our re-blog last week, here is part 2 of our very popular Terminology post from last year…

Garden Buildings Directory of Terminology Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Directory of Terminology this is carries on from Part 1. Its simply just a little helping hand to you as customers on some of the terminology used throughout our website. But please feel free to contact our friendly team for any further help on 01604 586939

  •  Framing

We refer to the framing as the timber frame on which the outer cladding is fixed. Many manufacturers use different size thickness frames, which is a way of making cheaper buildings and although in most cases not detrimental potentially thinner framing can affect strength and rigidity. It is worth asking the question, remember buy cheap buy twice.

  •  Fully framed Door

A stronger more rigid door with a full frame in addition to ledge and braced

  •  Gable

    Gable End


The gable is the end of the building, usually the front or back of the A not the sides.

  •  Galvanising

Galvanising is the most common way of protecting metal,     Galvanised products are far less susceptible to rust and ultimately require less future maintenance.

  •  Glass

Glass supplied with Sheds and Summerhouse is standard horticultural glass but in many cases can be upgraded to toughened glass a must to consider when there is a chance they could get broken especially when children are around, even a double glazing upgrade on the Log Cabins an important feature when using Log Cabins as offices or practical extensions to the home.

  •  Insulation

Depending on what you are using your Garden Building or Log Cabin for it is worth considering insulation, on most buildings there is a small floor cavity that can be insulated using a thermal foam board with reflective foil front and back and you can even insulate the roof.

  •  Ledge and Brace

Ledge and brace is the term referred to as a particular style of Shed door which is fixed together usually with three horizontal ledges and diagonal braces, most of our Shed and Summerhouse doors are ledge and braced with full frames, also on our range of Timber Garages

  •  Log Lap

Log Lap or Barrel board is a considered upgrade from standard tongue and groove or shiplap cladding not available from all Shed manufacturers but a nice finish for a Shed or Summerhouse if not purchasing a Log Cabin.

  •  Mineral felt

    Mineral Felt


See Shed Felt Mineral felt is usually the term used to describe a roll of bituminous membrane covered in mineral granules to help protect against the elements, Standard colour is grey/green.

  •  OSB board

OSB or Oriented strand board (or Sterling board) is an engineered wood with wood flakes bonded together, available in many different thicknesses and generally used by Shed manufacturers as a cheaper option for flooring or roofing as opposed to tongue and groove planks.

  •  Overlap cladding

See Featheredge Sometime know as rustic with the planks being rough sawn generally not as long lasting as tongued and grooved but can service a requirement when budgets are restricted.

  •  Pent Roof

    Pent Roof


Pent roofs refer to a flat roof with a sloping pitch. A pent shed will have a high side sloping down to a lower mostly these pent Roof Garden Buildings slope from front to back but they can be built anyway round.

  •  Plexiglass

Playhouses and some of the cheaper Sheds are delivered with a clear plastic as an alternative to glass.

  •  Polycarbonate

A versatile plastic type material normally transparent although not completely clear similar view as corrugated cardboard with the top and bottom skin and ribbed between, used on greenhouses and conservatories available in varying thickness’s.

  •  Pressure treating

Pressure treated timber or tanalised is timber that is introduced to a Vacuum and when up to the optimum pressure the wood expands allowing chemical to penetrate deep into the wood. Pressure treatment guarantees the timber for at least 10 years against rot and wood eating insects.

  •  Ridge 

    Roof Ridge


The Ridge is the point on a building where the 2 roof sections meet and is generally the highest point of the building. Generally the ridge runs along the length of the building. This can be a vital element with regards to planning.

  •  Roof Pitch

The roof pitch is the angle of the slope of the roof.

  •  Roof beams

Roof Joists or beams support the roof planks.

  •  Roof Truss

On the larger cabins it is sometimes necessary to reinforce the roof and integral roof joists will be used, you notice this on the hip roof or pyramid style roofs where there is a central peak.

  •  Shed Base

See base referring to area where Shed, or Garden Building is to be erected similar to Log Cabin Base.

  •  Shed Felt

    Shed Felt


See Mineral Felt roof covering applied to the roof of Sheds and garden buildings including Dog KennelsHutches and other Outhouses.

  •  Slide Bolts

These are generally used to secure the second opening door.

  •  Shiplap

Also called Shiplap Tongued and grooved cladding. This is a more premium fully interlocking cladding system. Each board interlocks with the next creating a weatherproof seal deflecting the rain.

  •  Shingles

See Felt Shingles

  •  Skylight

An open or covered aperture built into the roof panel to enable extra light to the inside of the garden building, not standard on Sheds and Summerhouses or Log Cabins but can be added if required, some roof strengthening maybe be required.

  •  Sterling Board

See OSB Board

  •  Tanalised

See Pressure Treating

  •  Tongued and Grooved

This refers to the panels that are secured to the frame work of the building. The boards are notched on the sides to lock into each other. This type of shed would be classed as a premium finish as opposed to an overlap shed

  •  Veranda 



A porch area on the front of a Garden Building normally a decked area with a balustrade surround quite a nice feature on certain Summerhouses or Log Cabins a space to relax in the shade on a hot summers day.

  •  Warping

Sometimes when lengths of timber dry it is possible they may twist generally this is not a major concern and most logs in your Log Cabin Kit can be manipulated to fit.

  •  Woodgrain

Woodgrain or Wood grain is a finish applied to metal garden buildings that is set into the metal and pressed in. A Wood effect paint is then added to the steel sheets and the appearance is of a wood effect metal sheds

A timber floor kit is usually constructed from fully pressure treated timbers for long maintenance free life. The floor boards are constructed from thick timber usually 19mm thick half lapped timber, and then mounted onto 50mm x 25mm sawn bearers.


Back in stock!

Just a quick notification to inform our customers that our ever popular Aquatic Planters are now finally back in stock!

Aquatic Planter – now back in stock!

There has been an issue with the suppliers for this product and they were, for a time, unable to meet the demand for these items.

Please click here  to view these products if you have been waiting for them to come back in to stock.




Taylors Garden Buildings Directory of Terminology Part 1

This blog post was originally first published last year, it proved so popular with our customers that we feel it is time to re-visit it….

Garden Building Directory of Terminology Part 1 We have created this garden building glossary of keywords and terms is to explain some of the words and phrases used to describe our Sheds, Summerhouses, Log Cabins, Playhouses and Greenhouses. We like to think that purchasing a Shed or Garden Building from Taylors Garden Buildings, whether using it for garden storage, a home office or a workshop is as easy as ordering a pair of shoes or doing your weekly shop. Remember too, we are always here to help. Just call our friendly team on 01604 586939.

  • Aluminium Frame

    Aluminium frame greenhouse

    Aluminium frame greenhouse

The Aluminium frames are available for Greenhouses and come in a natural grey or green and are also available in a range of sizes and styles.

  •  Anchor Kit

Anchor kits are available for sheds and garden buildings, the anchor kits job is to secure the walls and floor of the building using brackets. Anchor kits on play equipment would be a metal dowel rod with a plate at the bottom which allows the play system or swing frame and secure to the ground.

  •  Apex Roof Style

    Apex roof

    Apex roof

An Apex roof is the stylish design of the roof; it’s shaped from the Gable end and suggests an A shape to the roof.

  •  Balustrades / Balustrading

Balustrades / Balustrading are very similar to what you will normally see on stair cases and are usually found around a Log Cabin Veranda or on the veranda of a summerhouse, they can also be found on a Playhouse or a Decking kit. The Balustrades come in a wide range of shapes and can be wooden or metal depending on the product and manufacturer.

  •  Barge Boards

See Fascia Boards fitted to the end of the roof

  •  Barrel board

See Log Lap an alternative finish for Cladding on Garden Buildings

  •  Base

The Base would generally be the word used where you Log cabin Shed or Summerhouse is to be erected, we prefer to build Cabins and Sheds on flat level concrete or slabbed area sufficiently large enough to fit the cabin centrally and allowing 10-15cm extra on the external measure both width and depth. If your base is not level it can affect the settlement of the Cabin, Shed / Summerhouse even to the point of door and window fitting.

  •  Base Rail

A Base rail is the continuous rail that forms the lowest part of your metal Shed and on some building is the part that anchors your shed to the base. A metal rail is mainly used in greenhouses or metal sheds sometimes it can be a timber base rail for a Shed or Log Cabin and even concrete base rail on a Greenhouse.

See Veranda for Log Cabins and Summerhouse, garden furniture would be referring to the roof section on a hammock or top of a built up BBQ possibly even the reflective lid on a gas patio heater.

  •  Cedar Frame

Cedar frame greenhouses a low maintenance wooden alternative to the more common aluminium greenhouse.

  •  Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are available on some of our range Summerhouses they give a natural finish with wooden tile effect, as an upgrade why not ask us to quote for a Cedar Clad Garden Building.

  •  Cladding

When we talk of Cladding it is the wall material used to clad the frame of the building. Cladding ranges from 28mm to 120mm Log Tongue and Groove, Shiplap Cladding and Overlap.

  •  Deckboard

Deckboard is usually softwood and pressure treated which will protect against rot and wood eating insects. On some Garden Buildings decking is supplied as part of the veranda kit, with various thicknesses, widths and profiles all available in optional lengths.

  •  Diagonal Bracing

Diagonal Bracing is used to add strength and rigidity on Shed and Garage doors. On the Supreme Sheds and Workshops they are also on some of the Heavy Duty Garden Buildings diagonal bracing is also used in the framework on the walls.

  •  Damp Proof Course – DPC

A thick plastic membrane used to prevent damp at the bottom of the cabin

  •  Double Glazing

Double Glazed windows are standard on the larger Log Cabins 50mm Log + from Tuin. It is not difficult to replace the glass with double glazed panels on the smaller windows and doors if required.

  •  Eaves

The eaves height is the lowest point in the roof on a garden building where it meets the side walls on the majority of sheds and Log Cabins the roof may continue to extend past the wall.

  •  Fascia Board

See Barge Boards fitted to the end of the roof at the front and back of the Shed or Log Cabin, Normally Straight but can be waved sculpted or engraved for decorative effect.

  •  Feather edge

Feather edge refers to the shape of the timber board usually overlapped horizontally onto a fixed frame for shed or summerhouse construction with the thicker end of the wedge shape at the bottom, sometimes known as vertical board when used in fencing.

  •  Felt Shingles

    Felt Shingles

    Felt Shingles

Felt shingles are an optional upgrade on most Garden Buildings and Summerhouses when used on Log Cabins they can really change the appearance as well as offering a thicker roof covering than the standard Shed Felt, effectively they are mineral felt sheets when overlapped and staggered from bottom to the top of the roof. This gives a quality tiled roof effect which comes in colours such as Sparkling Black, Green and Red with the Sparkling Black Shingle being our most popular chosen colour.

  •  Fixing pack

Most of the self assembly products we sell will require fixings from Brackets and screws to handles hinges and nails, generally these are obvious when you unpack the product and should contain instructions.

  •  Floor Bearers

When we refer to the floor bearers it is the part of the Cabin floor kit usually pressure treated because they are in contact with the base, the floorboards are secured to floor bearers that run at 90 degrees to the floorboards.

  •  Floor joists

Timber joists can be used to create a Shed or Cabin base some people like to have them between the concrete base and the bottom of the shed or summerhouse to help improve ventilation which in turn helps prevent damp, depending on the size of the joist keep in mind it will increase the overall height of the Cabin or Garden Building.

  •  Foundation

See base referring to area where Shed, Summerhouse, Log Cabin or Garden Building is to be erected.

  •  FSC

FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC certification provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.

About Us!

Taylors Garden Buildings was originally established in 1953. We manufacture, supply and install a huge range of sheds, summerhouses, log cabins, playhouses and greenhouses both locally and across the UK. Our range is one of the largest available in one place.

Vintage Taylors advert from 1962!

We’re a friendly and happy company and this shows through from your first contact with us, we try to offer a personal service and as much help and advice as we can. Our product range has grown enormously over the years, of course we still manufacture our own range of buildings but we do also supply over 3000 other products, mainly garden buildings but we also supply a selection of well chosen accessories for your garden. We deal with all of the countries major suppliers and some of Europe’s. We are pleased to offer an unrivalled selection of buildings. We maintain keen prices and are as competitive as possible whilst still maintaining the level of service that customers appreciate; Fast, Friendly and Efficient.

1968 advertisement.

We enjoy a wide and varied customer base and supply to companies such as Big Brother, Fujitsu, NHS direct, Emmerdale TV studios, MOD and government agencies and of course many other private and business customers. We are also actively involved in local schools, football teams and care homes.

Retro brochure from 1979

We try to offer an excellent level of service and an excellent product range that caters for our customers needs. If you cannot find anything from our standard product range that suits your requirements we can also build to your specifications. With all our competitors both trading in the traditional manner and online we are consistently the UKs top retailer for many of our suppliers. We believe our customers prefer to shop with us because;

  • We’ve been in business for over 50 years which shows though in our level of expertise and advice.
  • Show sites
  • Our staff are happy in their work. We care about them and they care about their customers and the company, which is so rare these days.
  • We are a debt free company and are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. We are engaged with various agencies producing green roofs, bee houses, compost toilets and cordwood buildings in order to promote this.
  • Although you may be purchasing from our website without having met us you can be assured that we actually exists in the real world and still trade in the traditional manner.
  • We offer full customer support via all media and are always on hand for advice and ongoing support.
  • Nationwide fitting service is offered on many of our buildings. We also have on hand experts who can guide you through the fitting of your building when choosing to do it yourself, this is particularly helpful when installing larger buildings such as log cabins.
  • We maintain a consistent quality policy and only supply buildings and products that meet with our policy.

Woodmeadow Show Site

Sometimes the benefit of having a show site for our log cabins, Sheds and Summerhouses in Northampton at Woodmeadow Garden Centre can also be one of the common reasons for our customers to complain.

 A while back I was at the garden centre when a customer had come from London to look at a log cabin.  In the grand scheme of things London is not that far as we are centrally located (this means we are a reasonable distance from the majority of major conurbations). Unfortunately we only had two log cabins on display partly down to the fact we had only moved into the garden centre towards the end of the previous year and have not had the time to organise the space and the recent snow and bad weather had been an issue in slowing us down.

 The customer although disappointed we didn’t have the exact model log cabin that he was looking for was met with courtesy and a smile, we demonstrated the quality of the log cabin that he could expect and showed him alternative buildings which we did have on display including a heavy duty workshop, potting shed, and traditional apex sheds all of which can be delivered and fitted at his house in London.

 I was pleased the customer stayed and had a coffee in our garden centre cafe and went away with the peace of mind that we are a genuine company with genuine people all trying to give our best service and value when making a big purchase. I personally think it is good to see and speak to the people that you are purchasing from.

My biggest frustration is we can’t show every garden building and log cabin. We have thousands of sheds and Summerhouses including timber garages and greenhouses the challenge is to have a representation of both size and quality variation demonstrating the different quality log cabins that manufacturers offer as well as our own sheds especially when looking for a bespoke building.  I would always suggest if you are planning a visit to Woodmeadow (we are open seven days a week) that you  give us a call on 01604 781899 before you set out and we can advise you which buildings we have on display at the time.

I always refer to Woodmeadow as a developing garden centre, if I am honest it is probably like most gardens they are never really finished and always being developed we move products around frequently to keep it fresh and periodically sell display log cabins and sheds off to make space for new models.

Only recently our café has had a slight revamp with a new and improved menu and a new attraction has been added to our site called “Bugtopia” which gives shows and demonstrations of exotic creatures such as bats and various insects (please call us beforehand for show times).

Thanks for reading this taylorsgardenbuildings blog, we look forward to seeing you at Woodmeadow soon