Woodmeadow Show Site

Sometimes the benefit of having a show site for our log cabins, Sheds and Summerhouses in Northampton at Woodmeadow Garden Centre can also be one of the common reasons for our customers to complain.

 A while back I was at the garden centre when a customer had come from London to look at a log cabin.  In the grand scheme of things London is not that far as we are centrally located (this means we are a reasonable distance from the majority of major conurbations). Unfortunately we only had two log cabins on display partly down to the fact we had only moved into the garden centre towards the end of the previous year and have not had the time to organise the space and the recent snow and bad weather had been an issue in slowing us down.

 The customer although disappointed we didn’t have the exact model log cabin that he was looking for was met with courtesy and a smile, we demonstrated the quality of the log cabin that he could expect and showed him alternative buildings which we did have on display including a heavy duty workshop, potting shed, and traditional apex sheds all of which can be delivered and fitted at his house in London.

 I was pleased the customer stayed and had a coffee in our garden centre cafe and went away with the peace of mind that we are a genuine company with genuine people all trying to give our best service and value when making a big purchase. I personally think it is good to see and speak to the people that you are purchasing from.

My biggest frustration is we can’t show every garden building and log cabin. We have thousands of sheds and Summerhouses including timber garages and greenhouses the challenge is to have a representation of both size and quality variation demonstrating the different quality log cabins that manufacturers offer as well as our own sheds especially when looking for a bespoke building.  I would always suggest if you are planning a visit to Woodmeadow (we are open seven days a week) that you  give us a call on 01604 781899 before you set out and we can advise you which buildings we have on display at the time.

I always refer to Woodmeadow as a developing garden centre, if I am honest it is probably like most gardens they are never really finished and always being developed we move products around frequently to keep it fresh and periodically sell display log cabins and sheds off to make space for new models.

Only recently our café has had a slight revamp with a new and improved menu and a new attraction has been added to our site called “Bugtopia” which gives shows and demonstrations of exotic creatures such as bats and various insects (please call us beforehand for show times).

Thanks for reading this taylorsgardenbuildings blog, we look forward to seeing you at Woodmeadow soon

Instructional videos.

A recent addition to many of our listings are instructional videos!

We are all too aware that sometimes the traditional paper variety are just not quite enough – no matter how comprehensive! The same goes of course for the PDF versions that are on a vast majority of our listings, there are times when we just want to actually see somebody doing it. This gives us just that bit of extra confidence when erecting our brand new summerhouse, gazebo , metal shed etc etc.

Take a look at this example, we are sure you will agree that it is very indepth!


July update

Summer is in full swing and business is booming at Taylors Garden Buildings!

Our Lotus shed range is selling nicely and we have seen a steady increase in sales of our summerhouses and gazebo lines. Barbeques are also selling well, so many of you are obviously sitting outdoors of an evening enjoying a nice burger and a few drinks (we still haven’t received our invites though – we blame the postal service).

Our sales team are as eager as ever to speak with you if you have any enquiries, don’t forget that we are on call 7 days a week!

Also, have you visited our show site recently? Woodmeadow are constantly expanding their range and services (the tea room is open and in full swing don’t forget!) and there has been a big change around in the shop recently which has dramatically improved the ergonomics of the store and improved the customer shopping experience no end.

We look forward to seeing/speaking to you!




New staging available..

We have very recently added some new aluminium staging to our site. There are 3 sizes available, 1 tier, 2 tier and 3 tier and they are all made from quality aluminium and are available in 2 different finishes – silver or dark green.

1 tier staging

These are very neat little units and are perfect for keeping your greenhouse tidy and are suitable for storing small plants and seed trays.

Features of these models include;

  • Sturdy high quality aluminium finishes
  • Choice  of two colours – silver or dark green
  • Lightweight and versatile construction
  • Simple assembly
  • Full instructions included

2 tier staging

3 tier staging

You have nothing to lose by looking.

Our New Lotus Sheds Are Now On Sale!!

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago our we are introducing a brand new range of metal sheds to Taylors which feature a revolutionary new manufacturing technique which means fewer small parts which in turn means much easier assembly.

The new Lotus Range has now gone on sale!

Available initially in  three sizes (6×5, 8×6, 10×8) these are sure to become a very big seller for us, so why not pop along and take a look?

See you next week!


Our New Picnic Table and Chairs Set

Picnic Table and Chairs Set

This table and chair set is ideal for days out and would also look look good on any
balcony or patio.

This set is manufactured with treated pine wood and features soft edges with no protruding bolts thus making it super safe for domestic or commercial use.

The wood is treated to category 3 which gives it a ten year lifespan.

No assembly required/


  • Table length and width 60cm
  • Height 72cm
  • Chair height 80cm
  • Width 44cm

Our new Elite planter range.

At Taylors this week we are proud to present three brand new planters to our range!

Part of our Elite range of garden products, these planters come in three sizes  (square, medium and rectangular)  and are in stock and ready to go!

Elite Rectangular Planter

Elite Large Planter

Elite Square Planter

The Elite  Planters are  sturdy wooden models which are manufactured with pressure treated green timber. Their  sleek designs will add a touch of class to any garden and are  suitable for flowers, vegetables, herbs and other plants.

The Brand New Lotus Shed Range

Coming very soon to Taylors Garden Buildings is the brand new Lotus Shed Range!

These metal sheds are the final result of two years research and development by those who have been involved with light clad metal sheds for many years. Our manufacturers have played an active part in the progress of this project!

The ambition of the team was to develop a shed which combines the best of what is already available with innovations which allow the shed to be erected in a shorter time with the use of fewer parts. A combined effort between a factory with brand new steel roll forming equipment and a research team have now produced a shed which is made to the highest specification, stronger, more durable and easier to build but remains in a traditional colour of mist green and smooth cream.

This is, quite simply, a revolutionary development in the category of light clad metal sheds at a price that presents the best value available.

The first three models available to you will be of a standard apex design in our three best selling sizes (6×5, 8×6, 10×8).

Watch this space for more details on this exciting forthcoming range!

Our knowledgebase

One great feature of our website is our knowledgebase. This has been set up and regularly updated/maintained  for several years. Look for the support centre tab (you may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this).


In it you will find a wide range of subjects for your perusal featuring articles on planning permission, different types of building available and informative pages such as “Why Do I Need Floor Bearers?”.

We are of course ready and waiting for any phone calls with queries and enquiries but did you know that you can also email us?  Simply fill out the contact form (this is found in the “contact us” tab.


I bet a fair few of you are not aware of our live chat facility either!

Set up a few months back this is a great way to communicate with our sales team, simply click on the green button to the left of your screen and follow the simple steps to talk to somebody.

With all this information at your fingertips and different ways of speaking to us you can feel confident that you are buying exactly what you need with a high level of customer service.

Speak soon!


Garden Furniture

How beautiful has the weather been this past week or two?

For the first time so far this year we are using our beloved gardens for what they are meant to be for – to sit outside in nice weather, enjoying our plants, soaking up a few rays and having a nice glass of wine or two.

A rather embarrassing thing happened to me last week, after spending some time outdoors tending plants and tidying up the lawn I decided to take a well earned break and have a sit in the sun. With a glass in hand and my mobile in the other I plopped myself in to one of our faithful garden chairs only to have the thing collapse underneath me!! (This is actually true by the way and not fabricated to give you all a laugh at my expense – it was witnessed by my partner who found it very amusing to say the least!).

Looking back on it I probably did look funny squatted there on the floor surrounded by splinters of wood with a glass of wine in my hand (which oddly enough hadn’t spilled a drop).

The chair in question was an old fold away chair made of wood which we have had for many years, we had left them out over the winter so obviously the cold and damp had caused it to perish. (Note to self – store our furniture during cold spells!).

Luckily, being an employee of Taylors Garden Buildings, I have a large database of quality garden furniture to peruse and I am in the midst of doing so. Might go for one of our brushed steel sets this time!

So, with the beautiful weather in full swing I am sure that many of you will be looking for some new furniture for your gardens/patios and hopefully your reasons for doing so will be considerably more dignified than mine!!

Not actually my chair in question but it gives you an idea!

Come and view our extensive garden furniture range now!!