Brand New To Taylors Garden Buildings……

Our Lotus metal shed range is growing! 

Our ever popular Lotus metal shed range has been a runaway success for Taylors, since we introduced this model last year we have seen sales of the building continue to grow and have had a steady stream of positive feedback from our customers.

We are now very happy to announce that these sheds are now available in a stylish pent model.







This robust range of sheds is manufactured using high tensile, hot dipped galvanised steel throughout and is the perfect storage solution for your garden or outdoor space.

All of the usual features are included on this shed including rigid profiled panels, side ventilated gables and a large opening door which is ideal for storage of larger items such as bicycles and lawn mowers. This door is also lockable with a padlock (this is not supplied).

There are 5 sizes available (5×3, 6×3, 6×4, 8×3 and 8×4) and two colour schemes to choose from heritage green or slate grey). 

Heritage Green

Slate Grey




The Lotus Metal Shed Range

Our popular Lotus Metal Shed Range is enjoying healthy sales and continual positive feedback from our customers, both new and returning. With Spring now finally on our doorsteps and the likelihood of better weather on it’s way we have decided to give more of our customers the opportunity to own one of these magnificent buildings by introducing our new “pre-easter” special offer.
These buildings are perfect for storage of garden machinery and implements as well as deck chairs and cushions, maybe even bicycles – the list is endless!

Features of this fantastic range include the following;

  • Ventilated gables
  • .3mm hot dipped galvanised steel
  • Straight forward assembly
  • Solid heavy gauge galvanised steel frame and base rails

Ventilated Gables







Solid heavy gauge galvanised steel frame and base rails














Padlockable Steel Door Handles


















This special price is running until April 1st 2015, get yours while you can!

Taylors Terms and Conditions

Things are speeding up on the Taylors website! Spring is on its way and the rapidly approaching new season has inspired many of you to get out in to your gardens and prepare for the new season to come.

As well as our returning regulars we have gained a lot of new faces amongst our clientele, so for those of you who are new to our “family” we have added links to all of our products which will take you to our terms and conditions and make it easier to understand them.

These are here for everybody. As well as making your transaction easier and hassle free it also helps us to make sure that our customers are fully aware of their rights as a consumer and will get the very best in customer service.

In addition to this every time you place an order with us you will be sent an order confirmation with our T&Cs attached!

Introducing the brand new all singing all dancing Lifetime 10x8ft Dual Entrance Storage shed!

This fabulous new 10-foot wide Outdoor Storage Shed has several innovative features, including skylights to maximize natural lighting. They also include single-hinged double doors that open nearly 180 degrees, a slip-resistant polyethylene floor and low-maintenance, steel-reinforced construction.


  • Nominal size 10×8
  • Roof size 305x243cm
  • Base size 295x234cm
  • Overall height 244cm
  • Wall height 180cm
  • Weight 232kg

Standard features

  • 2 large skylights
  • 4 small skylights
  • 2 windows
  • HDPE floor
  • Instructions

Please click HERE to see this amazing new building!!

Offers still running!

Just a quick reminder everybody that our two amazing special offers for the Fay Log Cabin and the Wooden Garage 4×6 are still running!

We have been delighted with the response this offer has received and are pleased to keep this running a while longer so more of our regular customers get a chance to get one. 


                                     SAVE £819.00!!

                                    SAVE £353.98!

There will be more amazing offers appearing very soon  so don’t forget to keep coming back to check! 

January Specials…

January Specials!

Two fantastic new special offers at Taylors Garden Buildings

Here at Taylors we are committed to giving our customers, both new and returning, the very best special offers available.

To kick off 2015 we have reduced the prices on two of our most popular cabins, the Fay and Wooden Garage which are both made by one of our best manufacturers – Eurovudas.

The Wooden Garage 4x6m


This delightful building features double wooden gate style doors as standard and comes inclusive of a window and side door for easy access, both of which are double glazed. The sturdy body of this garage is conctructed with quality 44mm double groove interlock logs.

This garage is available to you for £2703.00 which is a saving of £353.98 off of our usual price!

The Fay Log Cabin 6x6m

Another great building from Eurovudas, the Fay Log Cabin is for residential use but could also double as a large office. This cabin is designed to have two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. It features a lovely canopy area, which is ideal for relaxing under.

The sturdy body of this model is manufactured with 44mm double groove interlocking logs which are sourced from quality traditional kiln dried white pine.

Features of this cabin include a tongue and groove floor, double glazing throughout and roof felt as standard. This building is also able to be erected with the windows and doors on either  the left or right hand side.

This cabin is available to you for £5926.98 which is an amazing saving of £819.00  off of our usual price!

Back In Business…

A lot of you will be very happy to know that the Woodmeadow Tearoom opened its doors for business again this week after being closed for the Christmas break.  In addition to sandwiches, toasties and cakes there are also daily specials available..

Monday – Soup Of the Day or a Sausage Sandwich

Tuesday – Cottage Pie or Stilton and Vegetable Crumble

Wednesday – Lasagne of Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne

Thursday – Chilli Con Carne or Vegetable Chilli

Friday – Luxury Fish Pie or Tuna Pasta Bake

In additon to this we  have a  range of soft drinks, juices and, of course, coffees and teas

Treat yourself!!

Come along and say hi!!

1 week to go!

One week to go!

This time next week is Christmas day!

Are you ready for it? For those of you who are not (and there are bound to be a few) Woodmeadow Garden Centre have items that would make good gifts.

We have Yankee Candles in various fragrances and an assortment of decorative items such as Santa ornaments and mugs.



We also have an assortment of greetings cards and ,of course, we still have Christmas trees!



These are selling very fast so if you still need one get yourself along asap – this weekend is the last weekend before the big day!

Why every man needs time in a shed

The humble shed. For generations men have retired there to pot plants, repair lawnmowers, and perhaps escape ‘her indoors’.

Men are getting together in sheds to bang nails, weld metal, shape wood, tinker with engines and drink tea

But now health experts say there is real benefit in letting men escape to their simple sanctuaries, that could even help them live longer.

As a result a network of communal ‘men’s sheds’ that provide a place for them to meet and be – or rather do – is springing up across the English-speaking world.

Men are getting together in them to bang nails, weld metal, shape wood, tinker with engines and drink tea. Talking is optional.

Born in the sweaty heartlands of Australia, the idea has been to create somewhere men might be more willing to listen to a few home truths about their own health than the stifling confines of a GP’s surgery.

Now they are catching on here, with some 20 already up and running across the UK, from the Lake District to south London.

“I think they’ve caught men’s imagination,” said Peter Baker, chief executive of the Men’s Health Forum, a charity involved in the initiative, which is mainly aimed at the retired.

“People have really got behind it. Men like to potter. These are from a generation who, on a Sunday afternoon, like to pull a car apart and put it together with a Haynes manual.”

The covert plan is to get men in one place to target them with health messages. Men, particular those over 60, tend to be slower at going to the doctor for problems that might turn out to be serious.

They are often sceptical and cynical of healthy eating messages, let alone do-gooding advice that they should cut down on the amount they drink.

The result is that men suffer disproportionately from big killers including bowel cancer, lung cancer and heart disease, and not only for biological reasons.

But Baker said: “It’s a myth that men are not interested in their health or health services.

“However, they have to be presented in the right way.

“We have to find creative solutions to these problems. Just doing the old stuff isn’t working.”

“We have to go where men are or create activities that appeal to them.”

Alan White from Leeds Metropolitan University, the world’s first professor of men’s health, explained why the communal sheds were good for men’s health.

He said: “The idea of a shed is something that fits with the male psyche. It’s a very relaxing way of spending time.”

Men found it therapeutic to potter around doing odd jobs, he said.

After active lives spent in work, most did not want to “sit around talking”.

“Women talk to each other; men like to talk while immersing themselves in a task,” he said.

“That’s the way they deal with emotional and practical issues.”

“They know what a shed means and they feel comfortable in that setting.

“Men find doing things relaxing, and that in itself is good for their health.”

He touched on the benefits of communal men’s sheds in an article about men’s health, published today in the British Medical Journal.

They were “an important setting for challenging men’s stereotypical beliefs about masculinity and healthcare”, he wrote.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, he continued: “Men are also happier talking shoulder to shoulder, doing a job, than face to face. In that environment men will talk about all sorts of things.”

He argued social care systems had to some extend failed to focus on the needs of older men.

“With more and more working men reaching retirement age, we have got to be thinking how we cater for them,” he said.

Age UK, the charity, has helped set up one men’s shed project in Eltham, south London, that is open three days a week.

More than 30 men from their late 50s to their 80s now attend, making window boxes, bird boxes and garden benches that they sell for charity.

John Fleming, 82, a retired architect, said: “It keeps us out of mischief, and out of our four walls.”

He attends every Tuesday with five or six others, and said he had made some good friends.

He thought the shed particularly appealed to men in urban areas, who might not have a garden themselves.

Pauline Cahill, 40, the Age UK organiser, explained why she thought the shed project, which has been open a year, was proving so popular.

She said: “When people are retired a lot of people feel like they are on the scrap heap. This gives people a new lease of life.”

“It’s so popular there’s a waiting list.

“We’ve had talks on prostate cancer and bowel cancer. It’s a very informal atmosphee. Nothing is forced on the group.

“We give out leaflets and on one occassion a bowel cancer survivor came in as a guest.”

Mr Fleming remained to be convinced about the health talks, however.

“To be honest I’m not very keen on sitting around and talking about whether I’ve got three left legs,” he said. “But I’ve probably learnt something.”

Terry Oliver, 65, described why he came along.

“I come here for camaraderie, and to get out of the housework,” said the retired carpenter.

“There’s plenty to get on with and I’m much more active. If I wasn’t doing this I wouldn’t be doing anything, I’d just be at home, especially during the winter.”

“If an issue comes up, then we sit down and have a cup of tea.

“You do find things out by talking to each other.”