Visited our show site yet?

As many of you are aware, we have a garden centre located in Northampton.

We took over this business around 18 months ago and have seen it go from strength to strength in that time!  In the past year and a half we have completely reorganised the layout of both the indoor shopping area and outdoors where you will find our selection of sheds, summerhouses, greenhouses and other items such as plants, gardening tools and ornaments.

Woodmeadow Garden Centre.

Feedback from our regulars has been very positive, we have a very loyal customer base who return to us time after time and are particularly happy with the friendly atmosphere and efficient service.

Woodmeadow Garden Centre is an independent business, which in this day and age is becoming rare with larger businesses opening chains of stores all over the country, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

One popular feature of Woodmeadow is the café which can be found in the outdoor display area next to the poly tunnels, it has been closed for a short while whilst refurbishments are taking place and a new menu drawn up.  This will be reopening very soon so watch this space!

We have a small selection of garden buildings on display at Woodmeadow  which demonstrate the quality and workmanship in our products. If you are interested in a particular building you have seen on our website we strongly urge you to call ahead to see if we have it on display or something close to it. Our phone number is 01604 781899.

In our shop we sell gifts, DVDs, CDs, tools, gardening aids, bird feed and have a variety of ornamental products such as candles and jewellery.  We also stock greetings cards all year round for various occasions  such as birthdays.

Woodmeadow is located on the A43 in between Northampton and Kettering  just outside of a small village called Hannington. For those of you who are using a sat-nav our postcode is NN6 9TD


Need any more details? Visit the Woodmeadow Website for more information!

See you soon!


Happy Easter from Taylors Garden Buildings!

Happy Easter from Taylors Garden Buildings

The bank holiday weekend is hurtling towards us and all over the world people are going to be meeting up with family, exchanging gifts and chomping down on chocolate eggs and bunnies by the millions!

Here are some fun and interesting Easter facts that you may or may not know……

• The name Easter derived its name from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eastre, which symbolizes hare and egg.

• Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25

• Easter is however now celebrated (in the words of the Book of Common Prayer) on the first Sunday after the full moon, which happens on, or after March 21, the Spring Equinox.

• Since time immemorial, egg has been considered as the symbol of rebirth.

• The first Easter baskets were designed as such so as to give it anappearance of a bird’s nests.

• The custom of giving eggs at Easter time has been traced back from Egyptians, Gaul, Persians, Greeks and Romans, to whom the egg was a symbol of life.

• During the medieval times, a festival of egg throwing was held in church, during which the priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choirboys. It would then be tossed from one choirboy to the next and whoever held the egg when the clock struck 12 was surely the winner and will retained the egg.
• Americans however celebrated Easter with a large Easter egg hunt on the White House Lawn.

• Pysanka is the term used for the practice of Easter egg painting.

• The maiden chocolate egg recipes were made in Europe in the nineteenth century.

• Each year nearly 90 million chocolate bunnies are made.

• Besides Halloween, Easter holiday also paves way for confectionary business to prosper.

• When it comes to eating of chocolate bunnies, the ears are preferred to be eaten first by as many as 76% of people.

• Easter Bonnets are a throwback to the days when the people denied themselves the pleasure of wearing fine angels for the duration of Lent.

• Kids’ favorite Easter foodstuff comprises of the Red jellybeans.

The new fantastic QGarden Ride On Mower!!

Brand new to Taylors Garden Buildings is the QGarden 24” Ride On Mower! This funky machine is ideal for modest sized lawns and features 4 forward gears and 1 reverse.
It is powered by a Loncin 200cc OHV petrol engine (this brand is very highly regarded and renowned for its excellent reliability) and has an electric start. It runs off standard unleaded fuel and comes with engine oil included in the price.
The cutting height can be adjusted to one of five positions which gives you the flexibility to tackle almost any domestic lawn with ease. The compact nature of this machine also means that is easily manoeuvred around trees and obstacles.
As the single rotary blade cuts the grass the clippings are discharged to the rear in to a 150L collection box which is mounted on the back, the generous capacity of this collection box also means that you should be able to complete a modest sized lawn without the need to stop and empty.

Features of this machine include;

• Loncin 200cc OHV petrol engine
• Electric start
• 4 forward gears
• 1 reverse gear
• 5 cutting heights
• Grass box capacity 150L
• 1 year warranty

Garden Rollers

As many of you are aware, we have introduced a new line of garden rollers to our website. These all come in different sizes and price ranges. A lot of people think a roller is just simply to flatten your lawn but did you know there are other uses too? Here are a couple of them…

A lawn roller can be used for planting seeds by flattening the ground first, then sprinkling the seeds over the freshly flattened ground, and then using the lawn roller over the soil and seeds to push the seeds into the soil. This helps so the seeds and grass grow evenly since they were planted on a flat surface and the same pressure was used to push the seeds into the ground.

You can also use a lawn roller for more effective mowing by smoothing out your lawn so the lawn mower can cut grass easily and evenly. Lawns that are not smooth can’t be cut perfectly with a lawn mower which doesn’t work well on uneven surfaces. 

Both simple ideas but very effective!!

End of March update….

Yet another month has flown by at Taylors, Spring is now in full swing and even the Sun has been showing its face here and there! As the great british Summer comes ever closer we have been making preparations at Taylors to ensure that the Summer months (our busiest time of the year) run smoothly and give you, the customer, a hassle free and pleasant shopping experience.

As mentioned recently you may find a new voice or two answering the phones when you call us. Our sales team has grown and everyone is ready to assist you with all your enquiries and questions, as we said previously all of our new recruits get full training to ensure they can deliver the high standard of service that our loyal customer base have come to expect of us.

Our Garden Machinery category is ticking along nicely and we now have a rather nice selection of new mowers, hedge trimmers and electric garden rakes available to buy. This category is an on going project and will continue to grow and evolve all the time – keep checking back for some exciting new items.

As many of you are aware, our phone lines are manned seven days a week (Mon – Fri 08:30 – 17:30 , Sat / Sun 10-4). This also includes our email system and our live chat which is becoming a very popular way of dealing with enquiries.

Have you visited our garden centre yet? Located on the A43  between Northampton and Kettering, our shop has gifts and objet for all occasions. We have a selection of jewellery, cds and dvds, garden ornaments, tools and other garden related products such as seeds and wood treatments.  We also have a small selection of sheds, summerhouses, playhouses and potting sheds erected on site for you to view and inspect. We are unable to display all of the products that we sell on Taylors so if you are hoping to view a certain item and are coming a long distance please give us a call and see what we have on show.

Finally our “garden machines” blog posts will shortly be up and running again to give you some info on some of the more unusual items that are popping up on the site and you can also follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest. We are constantly tweeting special offers info and also the occasional daft joke here and there so make sure you don’t miss out!

Important stock update!

Owing to an unexpected increase in sales a small handful of our most popular garden products are temporarily out of stock. They are expected back in stock within the next 2-3 weeks and are still available to buy on our site. If you do decide to buy one of these items, they will be placed on back order and shipped out to you as soon as they arrive back in stock.


The products affected are;

Trellis Garden Archway , Garden Shelves – Grow Your Own , Emily Bench 4ft , Emily Bench 5ft , Emily Love Seat , Lily Side Table , Moonlight Arch , Twilight Arch

Happy shopping!


Brand new offers at Taylors!!

A handful of exciting new offers have started this week!

The first of these is our ever popular Canberra Utility Metal Shed 5×3 which is available for ÂŁ139.00 which is  ÂŁ15.00 off of our usual retail price. With an overall external size of1.58m x 0.92m, this flat roofed galvanised steel shed is perfect for the storage of garden implements and machinery and includes a lockable pad bolt for added security.

Utility Sheds 5×3 and 6×3

Need something a bit bigger? No problem!!  Also on offer is the larger 6×3 model  (1.83m x 0.92m). Like its smaller sister it is also manufactured with galvanised steel and lockable pad bolt. This building is on offer for ÂŁ30 off of its usual retail price!

Our next bargain is the Canberra Lean To Metal Shed 8×4. This model features ventilated gables to help prevent condensation and has a door and roof which are fully reversible meaning your shed can be assembled to any configuration to suit your purposes.

Need a smaller storage solution? How about our Emerald Storage box 4×2, this is on offer for ÂŁ10 off our normal retail price and like the products above is galvanised steel and fully weather  resistant!

Emerald Storage Box 4×2


Due to customer demand we have also extended some of our offers from last month….

Our Canberra 8×6 metal shed is still available with a saving of ÂŁ10, the Lifetime Small Storage box is still on offer with ÂŁ20 off and finally our Lifetime Large Storage Box saves you ÂŁ30!!


Our extended offers

All of these offers are available until April 7th 2014 so you have time to decide which one you would like, however stock is moving fast so make sure you don’t miss out!!

New faces at Taylors!

Already we are in March and Spring is rapidly approaching!  In preparation for what will be the start of our busiest period, we have introduced many new lines to our range and improved our site to make it easier to navigate around.

Our garden machinery and equipment category continues to grow, we have just introduced some groovy log splitters to our range and will very shortly be uploading some brand new mulchers and shredders too!

There will very shortly be some new faces amongst us both at the Taylors office and at Woodmeadow Garden Centre as well!  The success of both of these businesses has necessitated a growth in our workforce – the next time you call in with  an enquiry you might find a new voice at the end of the phone!

All of our staff are fully trained to the Taylors standard so don’t be put off by a strange voice – our staff receive full comprehensive coaching to ensure they give you the first class service you have come to expect!

Taylors Garden Machines – Lawn Mowers.

The lawn mower  has to be one of the most common garden machines in use. Just about every home in the UK owns one of these (or at least every home with a garden) and there are many different brands and designs available.

The first lawn mower was invented by Edwin Budding in 1827 in Thrupp, just outside Stroud in Gloucestershire. Budding’s mower was designed primarily to cut the grass on sports grounds and extensive gardens, as a superior alternative to the scythe, and was granted a British patent on August 31, 1830.

One of the very earliest surviving Lawn Mowers. From around 1832.

Budding’s first machine was 19 inches (480 mm) wide with a frame made of wrought iron. The mower was pushed from behind. Cast iron gear wheels transmitted power from the rear roller to the cutting cylinder, allowing the rear roller to drive the knives on the cutting cylinder; the ratio was 16:1. Another roller placed between the cutting cylinder and the main or land roller could be raised or lowered to alter the height of cut. Once cut, the grass clippings were hurled forward into a tray-like box. It was soon realized, however, that an extra handle was needed in front to help pull the machine along. Overall, these machines were remarkably similar to modern mowers.

There are three main types of mower available today. Cylinder, rotary and hover.

The cylinder mower carries a fixed, horizontal cutting blade at the desired height of cut. Over this is a fast-spinning reel of blades which force the grass past the cutting bar. Each blade in the blade cylinder forms a helix around the reel axis, and the set of spinning blades describes a cylinder.

A typical modern Cylinder Mower.

Of all the mowers, a properly adjusted cylinder mower makes the cleanest cut of the grass, and this allows the grass to heal more quickly. The cut of a well-adjusted cylinder mower is straight and definite, as if cut with a pair of scissors.

A rotary mower rotates about a vertical axis with the blade spinning at high speed relying on impact to cut the grass. This tends to result in a rougher cut and bruises and shreds the grass leaf resulting in discolouration of the leaf ends as the shredded portion dies. This is particularly prevalent if the blades become clogged or blunt.

Underside of a modern Rotary Mower

Most rotary mowers need to be set a little higher than cylinder equivalents to avoid scalping and gouging ofslightly uneven lawns, although some modern rotaries are fitted with a rear roller to provide a more formal striped cut. These machines will also tend to cut lower (13mm) than a standard four-wheeled rotary.

Hover mowers are powered rotary push lawn mowers that use an impeller above the spinning blades to drive air downwards, thereby creating an air cushion that lifts the mower above the ground. The operator can then easily move the mower as it floats over the grass. Hover mowers are necessarily light in order to achieve the air cushion and typically have plastic bodies with an electric motor. The most significant downside, however, is the cumbersome usability in rough terrain or on the edges of lawns, as the lifting air-cushion is destroyed by wide gaps between the chassis and the ground. Hover mowers are built to operate on steep slopes, waterfronts, and high-weeded areas, so they are often used by golf courses and commercial landscapers. Grass collection is often available, but can be poor in some models. The quality of cut can be inferior if the grass is pushed away from the blade by the cushion of air.

Hover Mower underside.

Garden Machinery and Equipment Update…

Our garden machinery and equipment category improvement is now well under way! Many of you may have noticed that a lot of the categories have been moved around with new and improved images and a more logical layout to them.

The next stage is to add more products and whilst planning for this we have come across some weird and wonderful products that will be available to buy very soon. It was at this point that we suddenly realised that there may be products already on our site that people do not know how to use!  Over the course of the next few weeks we are going to publish blogs that may help to explain some of our items  and to kick off we are going to start with this chap…

Garden Aerator


It is an aerator and at the moment we only have the one on our site (more will be following very soon!).

Lawn aeration comes in different forms and can help keep your lawn  healthy. It reduces water use, can improve your soil and breakdown the organic materials which can prevent moisture and other nutrients from entering you soil. It saves water (when you aerate your lawn water is better able to permeate the soil.. This will help you save up to 50%). It also reduces compaction – over time soil becomes compacted. Compaction reduces your lawns ability to root and absorb nutrients. Loosening up your soil is a great way to improve your lawn’s overall health. Aeration also reduces puddles – more of the rain that falls onto your lawn will be absorbed. You should also benefit from improved rooting – roots need plenty of oxygen to prosper. Aeration helps provide roots with more oxygen and nutrients to help them grow bigger and faster. Your lawn will also be tougher – when your lawn is properly aerated it will help to improve tolerance to stress such as heat and drought. This helps keep your lawn green and healthy even during the hot summer months.

Lawn aeration doesn’t have to be an exact science. In general the more you aerate the better as long as you avoid destroying your lawn completely. How often is best to do it largely depends on your type of soil. Lawns that compact easily could benefit from aeration twice a year while sandy lawns may only need to be done every couple of years.

The results!


Good luck!!